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Hi, this is Kevin here with my first post of my Divine Tactics development blog. In this post I will go into some more details about Divine Tactics, for all those curious. So without further ado…

I love SRPG’s. They are one of the best genres of games ever invented. The games have the potential for amazing pacing in the gameplay, as well as the story. Due to the nature of how decisions are made, even though the games are turn based you often will find yourself making quick decisions to take out enemies keeping a high fast tempo, until you are met with a challenging situation. Then, due to the nature of the game, you have the ability to now take your time and calculate your next move and plan out your strategy (this in contrast to games like Starcraft, in which these decisions are made in a split second.) Because of this pacing method, a deeper focus can be played on the strategical aspect of the game.

Divine Tactics aims to be such an SRPG, having enough complexity to keep users interested in the battle system, but not over complicating itself. Some of the systems in the game that will have depth to them are the class system and the weapon system. Here’s how the class system works. I’ll tell you more about the weapon system in the next post!

There are 12 classes in Divine tactics. Each class has two tiers, or ranks. The three unique classes use special weapons, and do not change their title when they rankup.

Overlord is the class of the main character Marcus Woods. He is a unique unit who uses his fist to fight. Instead of weapons, he equips “styles”. He will learn more styles that effect his attributes as the game goes on. If he is killed in battle, it’s game over.

Generals are the titles of Marcus two best friends. Eden and Thomas.

Eden is an archer who attacks with a bow. She has properties of gun users but has distinct advantages over them.

Thomas uses a knife, but it has very unique properties making it behave as a whip. If either Eden or Thomas is killed, it is a game over as well.

Almost all enemies you encounter will be a standard class. Special boss enemies however also have the titles “general” and their own unique skills and properties. An example of this is the character Joseph, who is a leader in the Templar Knights. Joseph fights with a huge claymore, but does not just swing it to kill his enemies. He uses energy the sword produces as a projectile, destroying enemies even at a distance.

The other tier 1 class roles are as follows

Sharpshooter – Sniper rifle user. Cannot attack units adjacent to them and has to “reload” after a certain number of attacks (depends on weapon)

Trooper – Assault rifle user. Can attack units directly adjacent to it, but most effective range is units a distance from it. Does not have as long a range as sharpshooter.

Protector – Handgun user. Most effective at attacking units adjacent to it, but can still attack units at a distance. The tankiest of all the gun users.

Priest – Offensive holy magic class. Has limited amount of healing spells.

Dark Priest – Offensive dark magic class. Able to inflict status ailments on opponents.

Mage – Similar to a “Red Mage”, can use skills that mimic both holy and dark magics.

Warrior – Blade users. Very fast and agile with high technique, and skills that help improve it’s speed and accuracy.

Brute – Blunt weapon users. Very strong albeit slow units, have tanking abilities.

Lancer – Staff weapon users. A balance between agility and strength, with the added bonus of being the only physical weapon user that can range attack with default weapons.

And that is a class rundown on the tier 1 classes! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask.


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Artist and programmer for the video game Divine Tactics.
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  1. Royden says:

    Good luck on your project.

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