Demo Delay

Figuring that the Kickstarter will not be successful at this point, I’m going to delay the demo over a week in order to add as much polish as possible. I feel this is the best decision for me and anybody who wants to play the demo.


Thanks for understanding.

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Demo coming soon!

Currently I am in the process of designing a stage to test out the game and it’s mechanics, and will have it out for you all to try for free very soon! Keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks!

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Development blog!

Hi, this is Kevin here with my first post of my Divine Tactics development blog. In this post I will go into some more details about Divine Tactics, for all those curious. So without further ado…

I love SRPG’s. They are one of the best genres of games ever invented. The games have the potential for amazing pacing in the gameplay, as well as the story. Due to the nature of how decisions are made, even though the games are turn based you often will find yourself making quick decisions to take out enemies keeping a high fast tempo, until you are met with a challenging situation. Then, due to the nature of the game, you have the ability to now take your time and calculate your next move and plan out your strategy (this in contrast to games like Starcraft, in which these decisions are made in a split second.) Because of this pacing method, a deeper focus can be played on the strategical aspect of the game.

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